Take the quiz: where would you like to live in history?

We bring you time travel! Find out where you would be happiest to live as a deaf or disabled person – from a medieval monastery to modern independent living.

Boys in scout group stand in front of a union jack Credit - Bristol Archives BRO-39842-P-1(a)-[h]

How easy or difficult was it to be a deaf or disabled person at different points in history – and have some choices about work, education or where and how you lived? Much of the story of the eight History of Place locations has been about disabled people campaigning to get the same options as the rest of society. By the magic of our not-enormously-scientific quiz, we bring you the chance to choose where you would like to live in that history.

If the answer you get isn’t ideal, we still hope it will help you imagine the sort of society you would like to see in the future.

Take the quiz!

Find out more about your chosen destination:

Maison Dieu

Chiswick House

Liverpool School for the Indigent Blind

Normansfield Hospital (now Langdon Down Museum of Learning Disability)

The Royal School for Deaf Children

Guild of the Brave Poor Things

St Saviour’s Deaf Church

Grove Road Housing Scheme






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