Take our surveys, help us as we develop a work placement programme

Accentuate is planning a work placement project to increase the number of deaf and disabled people employed in museums. Help inform our plans by completing a short survey.

Credit - Photo: Christopher Lanaway

The most recent ACE diversity figures show that only 4% of museum staff are disabled, against a background figure of 20% in the wider workforce. Our umbrella project Accentuate has created two five-minute surveys:

  • A survey for all museums and heritage sites – asking if and how your institution is approaching this issue (and what would help if not). Take the survey
  • A survey for deaf and disabled people working in the museum and heritage sectors, whether as staff or freelancers. Take the survey

Accentuate will use the insights from this work to help shape its next project: a plan to offer deaf and disabled people who want to become curators placements in a number of museums.

Responses are anonymous and the deadline for both survey is 15th March.


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