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Play the games and digital experiences, storytelling about the deaf and disabled people whose lives we discovered across 800 years of history. These interactives add some fictional elements, but are based on real history and archive documents.

The Story of Helen: our participative digital experience set in the 13th century

Image of a room with a straw bed on the floor in 1236, as digital recreation. Caption says hint click glowing objects to proceed

Click objects to move through the story of Helen, set in 1236

Launch here to play The Story of Helen

Set in 1236, and based on what we know about a life lived at Maison Dieu, we have created a digital experience, which comes with audio, BSL and close captions.

Follow Blind School founder Edward Rushton in a voyage through his early life

Play the game and found the School for the Blind in late 18th century Liverpool.

Start the game here to follow Edward Rushton from the experiences on a slave ship that made him a lifelong abolitionist, to his time in 18th century Liverpool. Can you make the right choices to enable him set up the first Blind School in the country? Learn more about Edward’s life in our blogs The founders of the blind school and Unsung: remembering Edward Rushton. And read more about the long history of the School for the Blind in our narrative timeline here.