The Blind School exhibition: audio and 360 degree tours

Our exhibition ‘The Blind School: Pioneering People and Places’ ran in partnership with the Museum of Liverpool until May 2018. We created an audio tour, a short film, BSL resources and a 360 degree tour of the exhibition, capturing these stories. Relive the exhibition below.

Audio guide

Our exhibition about the School for the Blind at the Museum of Liverpool closed in May 2018. However, we have preserved part of the exhibition in digital form. You can listen to the audio guide directly below: after a short introduction giving orienteering for people at the museum – and to highlight particular objects – much of the story is told by actors. They revive voices from people over 200 years of history, from 18th century founders to pupils evacuated from Liverpool to Wales during the Second World War. Below this, you can experience our 360 degree film of the exhibition.

Writers for this audio were Amy Evans and Pat Hayes. The actors are Jordan Connerty and Beth Hinton Lever. It was recorded by Thinking Film.

360 degree film of the exhibition

BSL stories from the exhibition

Explore the BSL stories created for the exhibition here. These tell the stories of two pupils who attended the Blind School in the 1950s.

Visions: a short film about The School for the Blind

These two films were also shown at the exhibition, with young visually impaired people who are at school in Liverpool today interviewing people who received their education in the 50s. What has improved, and what has stayed the same compared with the past?

The very short version:

Follow Blind School founder Edward Rushton in a voyage through his early life

Play the game and found the School for the Blind in late 18th century Liverpool.

Start the game here to follow Edward Rushton from the experiences on a slave ship that made him a lifelong abolitionist, to his time in 18th century Liverpool. Can you make the right choices to enable him set up the first Blind School in the country? Learn more about Edward’s life in our blogs The founders of the blind school and Unsung: remembering Edward Rushton. And read more about the long history of the School for the Blind in our narrative timeline here.