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Our project co-ordinator shares some of her favourite things from our exhibition about the Blind School, open until 15th April. Visiting? Share your favourite things with us here or @H_O_P on twitter.

The introduction panel is white writing over an image of the raised reliefs showing hands reading Braille. It serves as the introduction to the exhibition.

Our project Coordinator in Liverpool shares her favourite objects in The Blind School: Pioneering People and Places exhibition at the Museum of The image shows a tv screen which is showing the film Visions which was created by blind and visually impaired students at St Vincents School for Sensory Impairment. On the screen are two older men who are both laughing plus the subtitles of what is being said and BSL interpretation.Liverpool between 26th January-15th April 2018. Do go and visit the exhibition in the Skylight Gallery before it closes and get in touch to let us know what your favourite ‘object’ is.

I can’t quite believe we are in the final few weeks of the exhibition-it has gone by so quickly. If you haven’t had chance to visit yet-go now! As encouragement I wanted to share some of my favourite objects in the exhibition.

The image shows a tv screen with a handheld speaker next to it. On the screen is a BSL speaker who interprets the audio.One of my favourite ‘objects’ is the film ‘Visions’ which was made by blind and visually impaired students at St Vincent’s School for Sensory Impairment in West Derby. The film explores the history of Royal School for the Blind, Liverpool from the perspective of the students and through shared memories. We had such a wonderful time working with the filmmakers Thinking Film and the young people during August 2017. This is actually an exhibition edit of a much longer film-stay tuned for the full version!

The image shows a hand using fingers to feel a raised architectural floor plan of the schoolAnother ‘object’ I love are the oral histories. Former students Steve Binns MBE and Frank McFarlane share their memories of school life with us plus the audio is supplemented by subtitles and BSL interpretation. Wait until you see the sign that was developed for ‘country-dancing’!

Next, I’m a huge fan of our tactile objects as many are copies of objects in the cases. We have tactile floor plans, raised reliefs plus examples of objects made at the school such as rope, woollen socks and baskets which were made by Tactile Studio.

The image shows two hands holding the oversized and thick book which is about the size of a modern laptopOne of my favourite objects on display comes from the Royal School for the Blind. Liverpool archive and is a script of The Merchant of Venice in raised letters. What I love about it is that the volunteer researchers and I found photographs from former student William Bell in the archive. Some of the photographs show the students performing the play in 1909!

The image shows a blank and white photographs of students dressed in costumes peforming a play

I look forward to hearing what your favourite objects are!


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