The School for the Blind exhibition: 360 degree film and audio guide

Listen to audio and watch the film which preserves material from The School for the Blind: Pioneering People and Places exhibition

image shows youtube still with cases from the exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool in 2018 about the blind school

Our exhibition about the School for the Blind at the Museum of Liverpool closed in May 2018. However, we have preserved part of the exhibition in digital form. You can listen to the audio guide directly below: after a short introduction giving orienteering for people at the museum – and to highlight particular objects – much of the story is told by actors. They revive voices from people over 200 years of history, from 18th century founders to pupils evacuated from Liverpool to Wales during the Second World War.

Our BSL guide to the exhibition is in three parts on this page.

Below this, you can experience our 360 degree film of the exhibition.

Writers for this audio were Amy Evans and Pat Hayes. The actors are Jordan Connerty and Beth Hinton Lever. It was recorded by Thinking Film.

Visions: a short film about The School for the Blind

These films were created by pupils at St Vincent’s School, who interviewed a previous generation of people who attended the Liverpool School for the Blind during the 1950s. The films were part of the Museum of Liverpool exhibition.

The very short version:

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