Young futures conference: the Black Prince

15 Nov 2017 - 15 Nov 2017

Canterbury Cathedral

An event from our friends at Canterbury Cathedral, which will be interesting for young people who want to learn more about the medieval world.

image shows white on black drawing of medieval soldier with moustache, chain mail and a crown

A free conference at Canterbury Cathedral for 16 – 25 year olds.

Read the full programme here.

Canterbury Cathedral’s Young Futures Conference for 16-25 year olds explores the life and influence of the Black Prince who, at the age of just 16, led the English army to victory at the battle of Crecy, France.

This free one-day conference explores the man, mortality and myth and his impact on medieval and contemporary culture.

(HOP is not involved in this project, but we have been working in the Canterbury area because of our interest in Maison Dieu and other medieval hospitals and monasteries which had a role in the lives of deaf and disabled people. This conference should broaden out a picture of the 14th century world for anyone interested in the time and the area.)