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Handwritten Guild members book: double page

List of people associated with the Guild in the 1930s

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1931 - 36

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page from book

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This handwritten book describes members of the Guild between 1931 - 36 with notes about their life circumstances. Amy Budd's entry reads 'hearly blind. not able to work. May 1931'. Others are described in terms of their relationship to people already known to the Guild: 'Miss Nellie Baker: Cousin of Stella W's mother'.

Charles Back's entry gives an insight into how some people survived in the period: 'Nearly blind. Native of Cornwall. Has played the tin whistle in the street. Now has blind pension'.

Sleepy sickness is also mentioned - the after-effects of an illness which swept Britain and the US in the 20s and 30s, and then abruptly disappeared.

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