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Decorated doors to the Hardman School extension

These doors present stylised images of the trades pursued by blind people from the School.

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1932 (originals)

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plaster copy of doors

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These plaster doors are in the collection of the Walker Art Gallery (National Museums Liverpool) but are not currently on display. The original doors, made of bronze, were first installed at the Hardman Street school building extension (1932), and taken to the Wavertree building when Hardman Street closed in 1958. They currently stand on display in the entrance of the Wavertree School.

They were created by English sculptor James Woodford (1893-1976) and depict manual trades that took place at the school. Sculpting manual trades was a theme of Woodford’s other major works such as the doors of Norwich City Hall and the doors of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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