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A lithograph of the planned extension to the School at Hardman St in 1810

A lithograph shows the School’s site at Hardman St, when it was expanding.

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This is a copy of a lithograph by Troughton which shows the Royal School for the Blind when it was situated in London Road. Although it was sketched in 1810 it depicts the planned extension which was opened in December 1812.

The extension took up the whole plot of land to the rear of the school and was two storeys high. It housed additional dormitories, workrooms, airing grounds, a ropery and facilities for medical procedures and recuperation. It marked the period where the school moved from being an asylum to acting as a place of instruction - a school.

"...we have continued during each successive year to render it less of an asylum, where the ease and comfort of the blind were principally considered, and more approaching to a school, where they should be instructed in some useful art or trade..."

- School management committee in An address in favour of the School for the Blind in Liverpool 1811.

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