We are producing digital games, audio tours and (in the pipeline) BSL films to tell the stories on this site. We will be adding more soon.

Three people record the audio description for our museum of liverpool exhbition

Audio guide for ‘The Blind School: Pioneering People and Places’

This new exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool opens on January 26th. You can listen to the audio guide as you look at the exhibition (use free wifi to download to your phone or tablet) or listen at home. After a short introduction giving orienteering for people at the museum – and to highlight particular objects – much of the story is told by actors. They revive voices from people over 200 years of history, from 18th century founders to pupils evacuated from Liverpool to Wales during the Second World War.

Writers for this audio were Amy Evans and Pat Hayes. The actors are Jordan Connerty and Beth Hinton Lever. It was recorded by Thinking Film.

Audio guide to Brave Poor Things: Reclaiming Bristol’s Disability History

This audio guide was written and performed to accompany an exhibition at MShed, Bristol, which runs until April 2018. It has some references to objects and people shown in the exhibition, but also works by itself. You can read more about the exhibition here, and look at photographs from the Guild at around the time of the First World War here and here.

Visions: a short film about The School for the Blind


The very short version: