Brave Poor Things: Reclaiming Bristol’s Disability History

14 Oct 2017 - 15 Apr 2018

Ongoing exhibitions in 2017 - 2018

M Shed

Princes Wharf
Wapping Rd

Guild of the Brave Poor Things Credit - Bristol Record Office: BRO: 39842/P/1b

For nearly 100 years, the Guild for the Brave Poor Things provided a vital social and educational hub for disabled people in Bristol.

This exhibition tells the story of how founder Ada Vachell, inspired her own lived experience of disability and her passion for philanthropy, created a space where people could learn crucial skills, undertake apprenticeships, socialise and go on holiday together. Pioneering in its outlook, the Guild commissioned a new building in 1913, the first of its kind to take into consideration the needs of those with physical impairments, and which can still be seen today in Old Market.
The exhibition will also use the social and design history of the Guild as a way of looking more widely at disability in Bristol, using primary source material and oral histories.